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Automatic Expandable 31″ Steel Baton


Prepare yourself for the Automatic Expandable 31″ Steel Baton!


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The 31″ Automatic Expandable Steel Baton is the perfect self-defense tool designed with security guards, law and other enforcement agencies, vehicle owners for protection against road rage and car hijackers, hikers, joggers, walkers for protection against stray animals, persons carrying heavy cash and valuables and persons who believe in putting safety first.
At just 13″ when collapsed, you can carry it easily in any pocket or bag and just press a button to expand it to an incredible 31″. Included is a nylon holster with a belt loop, so you can keep your baton close by at all times. This baton is made from ultra tough steel that makes it incredibly strong yet light enough to be carried comfortably. It expands instantly with a push of the button securely locking into place without requiring you to strike on a hard object close it. Instead all you need is a palm push to retract the baton and secure it back into its collapsed form.
For your safety there is an extra switch at the side of the baton which prevents accidental opening whilst handling or storage. The ergonomic handle gives a firm grip while providing non-slippery performance even under moist conditions like sweat or rain. Utilize this infallible device to protect yourself in dangerous scenarios now!

Product Features
– Easily retractable
– Incredible strength and power packed into lightweight yet durable design
– Easy to carry, convenient to operate
– Includes nylon holster with belt loop
– Safety switch to avoid accidental opening of the baton
– Expands from 13” to 31.5” with a single press of a button
– Thickness of Handle: 1 1/8″
– Thickness with Lever: 2″
– Weight: 2.1lbs

Weight 2.1 lbs


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